The day to day

Firenze, December 7

Thanksgiving has come and Mom and Alan have returned home. I miss them dearly but it almost feels like another life ago when they were here and I was still acting somewhat of a tourist with them. Yesterday my plane left for Boston without me and yesterday I think I said for the first time, I live here. And that I do. Emails were shot across the Atlantic to all my Edible Boston accounts from the last few years telling them that I was moving on. Step one to becoming official. I’m not sure what step two is but somehow I feel that there is one more important milestone before I say that it’s official. Plane is gone, job is gone. What else do I need? Perhaps it’s just a matter of moving into my new apartment next week that will make me feel that the deal is sealed. Each day I feel that my slate is cleaned a little more and I am ready for a new beginning.
Holiday Celebrations

The days continue to be a jumble of fun wining and dining and walking around the city and crossing off things on my to do list. Tie up job stuff, call T mobile, figure out how to get birth control, import olive oil, send affidavit for green card. It’s a funny thing here, or anywhere new I imagine, getting things done. Each errand or thing that needs accomplishing requires a certain amount of learning. Weighing and pricing produce yourself at the market, understanding who exactly sells envelopes, waiting a full hour and a half for the wash to finish its cycle, figuring out how to order meat in kilos. There is fun in that and when the task is complete there is a sense of victory. Little victories everyday.


Florence is an easy city to move to as an ex-pat. There are so many resources here for us that I can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner. At this point I wouldn’t give up my small circle of friends for anything. It is there company that make the days pass with pleasure and keep my mind off the sometimes overwhelming things that lie ahead. At the same time though I sometimes stop and wonder, is this too easy? I know for sure my language isn’t progressing as fast as I’d like because I’m surrounded by English speakers and I’m pretty sure that there are cities that feel more authentically Italian. There is a difference between being an ex-pat in Florence and living in Italy. The Canadian woman I am renting this apartment from has lived her fifteen years and has never really been South.  That’s crazy to me. Eventually I would like to get out of this city but for now it feels a bit like home and I like that.


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