From Natale to Bufana

January 11 and the Italian holidays are finally over. With la Bufana on the 6th of January and the majority of people taking the long weekend, the party rolls right on through from the 23rd of December to the 10th of January. That’s 18 days of non-stop celebrating…….eating, drinking, staying out late. And during that time my flatmate has had three guests, Americans here on vacation….. and to party. I’ve been roped into several celebrations including a few late nights (early mornings) of Italian discotech dancing…..which is really not that cool.

New Year’s Eve

Surprisingly the Italians don’t seem exhausted. I am. BUT working on my third day of catching up while the sun shines in Tuscany. I was able to get out into the country for a day to meander through a few villages, enjoy a long lunch and taste some wine at a vineyard. All on a unusually warm afternoon.

La Campanga

Goals for January….get back in shape and get a job. The in shape thing I can do…..with a little dicipline I should be fine. The job thing is more challenging. It’s clear that I need to make my own work. But in order to do that I need to commit to being somewhere.  The sea feel too far away right now. This city has a way of closing you in. Physically and mentally. Not a bad thing if it’s where you want to be but I haven’t made that commitment yet.


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