Not so straight line

The days of late have moved up and down from highs to lows and a few notches in between. There have been job offers that haven’t come through, promised phone calls that never happened, a few nights sleep of exceptional sleep, a quick trip to the gynocologist, job prospects that entice me, random encounters with interesting people, and more predictable encounters with those that are growing on me. I do believe that I have finally had the chance to catch up with myself and come to terms with what I’ve done here. What better a place to let it all come to the surface than at an Irish pub with a friend. We all need these moments and I am thankful for the friend, the neighborhood pub and all the experiences that got me there sitting on a bar stool wiping away the tears. The healthy pour of prosecco helped too.

Just returned from yoga I am on the more even side of that night. I have an actual job offer and an actual meeting with a one Gianluca next week to discuss the details. This feels good. The rest is beginning to crystalize in my mind and I am slowly formulating a plan to be able to spend the time I want in Puglia. I am marking dates on my calendar for the end of April and while that seems like just the beginning of spring it is actually three months from now…..a longer period of time than I have actually been here already. It leaves a lot of space for things to happen… unfold…. and feel like I have a place in this life here.

Life in Italy could be changing my concept of what kind of lifestyle is livable, acceptable. Nobody has money here but still the days roll on contently. A beat up motorino for long distance winter transport, no problem. A full-time job making photocopies, bring it. Dinner out at a cheap hole in the wall, yes please. An apartment that’s not always warm, getting used to it. And yeah sure, smoke inside if you want….just open the window.


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