Cibo Tales

This is really not meant to be a food blog since well….there are a few of those out there. But it’s difficult to write about my experience in Italy without mentioning food.

Last night at a dinner party for a friend’s birthday I learned a few interesting Tuscan food tales. The first is that one should never leave a loaf of bread upside down after you’ve cut a piece from it. This is not good. Just don’t do it….out of respect for the bread. The second is that one should never pour a glass of wine for yourself or someone else from the side. This is bad luck and it has something to do with Jesus and the last supper. Someone got killed after such a move. There are thousands of little do’s and don’ts like this, city to city, region to region.

DO eat the pecorino cheese though…with walnuts and honey, whenever possible.
And do have some of this too.



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