Permesso Pronto and South to Bari

Now, let’s be honest…..I’ve had it easy. The whole being here legally thing has been, for the most part a walk in the park for me, compared to others. Horror stories exist. With my application for Italian citizenship I was able to simultaneously apply for a permesso di soggiorno, a permit to stay. I won’t need this once I have an Italian passport in hand but I still have no real idea when that’s actually going to happen. Although I was never told this when I applied for the permesso (at the post office) this little receipt saying that the application is in process grants me the ability to work legally in Italy however as I’ve learned, does not grant me the ability to leave the country and return senza problema. While it’s done with some frequency, it is in fact illegal until I have the official document in hand. And so I am left wondering if three days in the Canary Islands is worth the risk. Some say dai! don’t don’t worry, some say things have gotten lot tighter in the last three years and best to not mess with it. Good news is though that the actual permesso is ready to be picked up! In Campobasso. So as soon as I get to the questura in person I am officially legal in Italy.

Sunday I fly to Bari to spend 3 days with Antonello and the “team” from Southern Visions. If all goes well I will be moving there come the end of the first week of March. Yup, packing up and heading south. By train, by plane….still not sure but south to the heel until the end of October is the idea. From there…..chi lo sa.

That leaves me basically two weeks to wrap things up in Florence, do all the things I’ve been meaning to do here and visit all my favorite spots. No doubt there are things….and people that I will miss in this city.


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