Leigh Vincola

Leigh Vincola is a writer, editor, traveler, coach, food lover and sometimes yogi living in Providence, Rhode Island. She has a BA in sustainable agriculture a Master’s degree in literature and non-fiction writing and is a certified Life Coach and Whole Heath Educator.


6 thoughts on “Leigh Vincola

  1. Leigh
    I’ve been reading your blog and if you have the time to chat a bit with me …..it would be great! I’m traveling from Houston, Texas to Puglia in June participating in a Southern Visions cooking school/trip with Monica Pope. Should be a great trip but I am very keen on staying in Italy for another 4-5 days after the official trip completes. My dilemma is what to do with the rest of my time! I’m traveling alone and wondering whether I should stay on the Adriatic coast wandering further south or cross over to the Amalfi coast. Although I am sure the Amalfi coast is beautiful, it seems to be a romantic and more touristy destination …..something maybe to be enjoyed with a date rather than alone. That is why I keep coming back to just further exploring the southern most parts of Italy. Would a woman (55ish) traveling alone armed with a Italian phrase book have lots of issues exploring southern Italy? Could I easily get around by train or should I book a car for a couple of days to really see the area? Where would be the best town to ‘headquarter’ during my visit? Any insight you would care to share? My Southern Visions trip ends after breakfast on June 11……then I fly back to the states on the 16th out of Rome. Thanks in advance for any comments. Kathyz

    • Hi Kathy,
      Thanks for reading my blog. I hope you’re enjoying it. So happy to hear you’ll be coming for the Monica Pope trip. Should be a fantastic time.

      My honest suggestion would be to stay in Puglia. June is one of the best times of the year to be here and I think you will really enjoy seeing BOTH coasts as well as the city of Lecce. I would suggest a car though as getting around on the train can be a little difficult. Plus there are some incredible coastal roads you’d enjoy. I’d also suggest buying a copy of the Lonely Planet guide to Puglia and Basilicata to look though. And yes, you’ll need a little Italian. But as long as you give it a bit of effort I think you’ll find the locals very friendly and willing to help. Maybe Oltranto would be a good base?

      Hope this helps. Look forward to meeting you soon!


  2. I saw your House Hunters episode from Ostuni. We have been there many times and love it. Where was the fish market you visited ? It looked like it was right by the sea but I am not familiar with it and would love to include it on my “to do” list for my next trip.

    Thank you,

  3. Loving the blog! Just saw the House Hunters show…it was on repeat thank goodness! I’m planning on coming out in a year for an extended period of time. Can’t wait to see the Puglia region. Your information is VERY helpful! Grazie mille, Leigh!

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